Elaine Plybon, Founder
Forecast Practitioner | Certified Gender Equity Trainer | Levels of Teaching Innovation Certified Mentor | Google Certified Innovator | Microsoft Innovative Educator | Discovery Educator Network Guru

Elaine Plybon is founder of Teach Each. She has served in the capacity of high school science teacher, instructional specialist, technology specialist, professional development specialist, instructional coach, and district administrator. She is an expert in online learning, having developed numerous online courses for students and teachers, as well as teaching online classes in a public school district. Her skills and knowledge crosses many areas which gives her the perspective to fit each piece into an effective whole.

Elaine has a master’s degree in Sociology, and is passionate about observing, understanding, and increasing awareness about cultural issues as they relate to each individual student. She has an ability to speak to everyone from hesitant beginners to experienced veterans in a manner which encourages individual growth and exploration in a risk-free environment.

Elaine is a practicing Futures Forecaster, certified by the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, California. She was recognized in 2014 by the National School Board Association as one of its 20 to Watch Education Technology Leaders and became a Google Certified Innovator in the same year. She was a finalist for Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Instructional Technology Specialist of the Year in 2012. She has served on numerous regional, state, and national boards and currently serves as the President for the TCEA Virtual Learning Special Interest Group.

Elaine’s presentation style has been described as dynamic and thought-provoking. She has a strength in engaging her audience in an atmosphere of wonder and possibility. She has traveled the country speaking at conferences, delivering keynote addresses to inspire students, delivering campus-based workshops, and instructional coaching and has been featured in publications including eSchool News and EdTech Magazine.

Possible topics: Cultural Awareness; Strategic Planning using Futures Forecasting; Inspiring Each Student; Teaching Children from Poverty; Recruitment and Retention of Girls in STEM; Individual Coaching; Technology Training/Workshop 

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Andrea Keller
Equity for Students with Disabilities | Differentiating Technology Integration | Transforming Libraries

Andrea Keller is a librarian in Irving, Texas. As a former instructional technology specialist and special education teacher, Andrea brings a fresh perspective on differentiation, inclusion, technology integration, and literacy. Andrea was named as one of the National School Board Association’s 20 to Watch Education Technology Leaders in 2012. She was chosen as Teacher of the Year for the Texas Computer Education Association in the same year. Andrea is author of the Bee in the Bookends blog and has been a popular featured podcast guest.

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Anne Truger
Google Certified Innovator – Microsoft Innovative Educator – Discovery Educator Network Leadership Council


Anne Truger is an Innovation Technology Consultant who dreams of seamless technology integration for all classrooms. She believes technology should be as common a tool as pencil and paper, it should be ubiquitous and invisible. Anne’s presentation style is described as enthusiastic and inspiring. When asked what her mission is, Anne says, “I believe that all children can learn given access to the appropriate tools. I believe it is my job to help inspire and teach children and adults how to choose the right tools to support learning both as a student and a teacher.”

Anne is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University in partnership with ISTE: Supervision and Leadership program. She recently served as Director of Ed Tech Innovation at Waukegan Public Schools. While there, she co-facilitated a 1:1 Learning Initiative comprised of 5000+ Chromebooks and was the co-facilitator for the district’s Lighthouse Lead Learner program and co-chair of Waukegan’s annual Google n’ More Conference . Her past presentations include ISTE, ICE, TCEA, Tech & Learning Live, and MACUL (featured speaker).

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